SKU# 12V31M
Voltage 12 Amp Hour 31 CCA* 475 Length 7 1/2" Width 5" Height 7" Weight 25lbs Your choice for a new battery just got easier. The Westco sealed AGM battery - specially designed for optimal performance in both generation Miata's. Trusted for years by Miata owners everywhere! Introducing the Westco sealed high performace AGM battery - A radically different, second generation sealed battery for your Mazda Miata, Utilizing the very latest absorbed glass mat technology, this advanced battery has no free liquid electrolyte - unlike the current factory "flooded" battery. Also, installation has never been easier, thanks to our new terminal design and OEM correct polarity. Your Miata isn't a conventional car, don't settle for a conventional replacement battery, Start with the best - Westco Battery. Fits all Miatas from 1990 on with battery location in the trunk of the vehicle.
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