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Company Profile

MK Battery is one of the largest sealed battery distributors in North America. Our Westco brand is widely sold through powersports dealers nationwide. Our SVR brand is widely sold through independent v-twin shops and custom car audio stores nationwide. We are successful because of our commitment to the following principles:


Whether your application is stock or high performance, MK Battery manufactures and distributes only the highest quality sealed batteries available anywhere. Unlike most sealed batteries, ours are true "manufactured" sealed batteries. They are ready to go out of the box, which eliminates the labor involved in prepping a battery for sale. The absorbed glass mat design allows our products to be shipped anywhere without hazardous materials fees. Not only do we test our own batteries to make sure they meet our strict criteria for quality, but we also carefully evaluate other manufacturer's products as well.


Ship fresh inventory within 24 hours from the nearest point to our customer providing worry-free junk battery disposal. We can ship or locally deliver our products from 20 locations nationally. Concerning recycling, MK Battery assures our customers that all of their spent batteries are delivered to E.P.A. authorized smelters exclusively. This is critical for you because of hazardous waste disposal laws that are in place. In summary, MK Battery listens to our customers and delivers what you want, when you need it.


MK Battery is growing rapidly because we specialize in sealed battery markets that are expanding. Because of our narrow focus on sealed batteries and niche applications, we can offer you expertise in these areas that few of our competitors can equally match. You can expect our total commitment to keep you safely at the forefront of high performance battery technology with the most responsive service.